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Upcoming Live Event: Thursday, April 22, 2021
Event Replays: Thru April 29, 2021

PARENTS: Are you Feeling overwhelmed?
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The Parent Conference

  • Discover The Exact Formula Families have used to feel less stressed, less overwhelmed and less exhausted.
  • Use These Simple Strategies to stop believing you will never win at parenting.
  • Unleash powerful techniques to reignite the spark back in your personal relationships.
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EXPERTS: Are you Helping Parents Succeed?
The Parent Conference: Strengthening Families


Brain Science: 
How to help your child find their Brain Type.

Surviving Your Relationship:
Ways to take care of you to help Take Care of all of you as an individual, a couple and a family.

Goal Setting 101 Redefined:
What goals matter when creating a family?

Money Skills:
How to use Money to Live Better.

Wish List Mastery:
Using Wish Lists to get what you really want.
Powerfully Eating Together:
Games, ideas and activities to make family dinner fun.

Raising A Good Human:
Tools to guide your children’s growth and core values.

Understanding Emotions:
Learning how to be heard without stomping on other.

Is My Child Broken?
Ways to stop worrying and wondering if something is wrong with you or your child.

Messy Rooms
How to teach your child to keep their space clean.
and much more....
Whether your child is 2 or 20, there are techniques to help you get rid of the pain and get some relief.

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